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The Future of Sound

Crowdfunding Late Spring 2024

LeapSonic, designed by renowned Karim Rashid, changes the listening experience by turning everyday surfaces into high-quality speakers with its elegant, soundwave-inspired design and innovative smart metal magnet technology.

Backers Naming Contest

As a backer, you can be the one who names LeapSonic's new Bluetooth speaker. You give us a great product name for our solid surface sound system.

We rank them and we pick a winner. Fun, right?

*The Naming Rights Contest is open to backers who buy a Karim Rashid Collector Edition model or those who buy 2 units of any color.


Superior Resonance

Transform almost any surface into a speaker using cutting-edge transducer technology.

Personalize Your Sound

Tailor your sound with dynamic controls for volume and tone in the app.

Sound Your Way

Opt for immersive surface sound or traditional Bluetooth listening.

Everything Included

Includes color-matched carrying case, USB-C cable, and manual.

Clearer, Louder Audio

Achieve louder, cleaner volume without distortion.

Optimal Sound Clarity

Experience pure audio transmission with a precision-engineered spring suspension base.

How It Works

​LeapSonic leverages advanced technology to transform everyday surfaces into powerful speakers, simply by placing the device on a surface. This innovative approach, combined with its ability to function as a standalone Bluetooth speaker, offers an entirely new sound experience and superior sound quality in any environment.

Attach and Transform

LeapSonic uses any resonant surface—wood, glass, metal—to amplify sound, transforming ordinary materials into extraordinary speakers.

Spatial Audio Delivery

Experience seamless, crystal-clear sound evenly distributed across any surface for an immersive audio experience that's unlike stand-alone Bluetooth speakers,.

Dual Functionality

Whether as a standalone Bluetooth speaker or enhanced by its Spring Suspension Base, LeapSonic delivers flexible, superior sound in any setting.

Karim Rashid Limited Collector Edition





Meet The Team

Meet the LeapSonic team, a blend of visionary technology and cutting-edge design led by Brad Lefton and designed by the renowned Karim Rashid. Together, we're dedicated to transforming everyday environments with innovative speaker systems that elevate your audio experience to unprecedented levels.


Brad Lefton

Brad Lefton, co-founder of LeapSonic, developed an innovative audio solution that transforms any hard surface into a high-quality speaker using technology derived from US naval sonar. Leapsonic began in Tokyo in 2013 providing B2B solutions for high-end commercial installations of invisible surface speaker solutions.  A client roster includes all 33 Prada stores in Japan, the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, and the recently opened Royal Park Hotel Ginza. While working with multi-unit residential projects LeapSonic was introduced to Karim Rashid, a collaboration was borne and the direction turned to B2C. LeapSonic blends functionality with aesthetic appeal, suitable for any décor. This versatile, Bluetooth-compatible speaker system offers an immersive sound experience, setting a new standard for audio technology in various settings.


Karim Rashid

According to Time magazine, Karim Rashid is hailed as the "most famous industrial designer in all the Americas." An Egyptian-born, Canadian-raised industrial designer, Rashid is renowned for his work in luxury goods, furniture, lighting, and brand identity. Based in multiple global cities including New York City and Belgrade, his designs are recognized in permanent collections at institutions like the MoMA and Centre Pompidou. Notable projects include the "Garbo" waste can and the "Oh Chair" for Umbra, perfume bottles for Kenzo, and products for high-profile clients such as Audi and Samsung. Rashid’s diverse portfolio spans across industries, featuring collaborations with companies like Veuve Clicquot and Alessi, showcasing his versatile and innovative design approach.


Battery Capacity

3,300 mAh

Charging Time

5.5 hr/s


Grams: 650 | Lbs: 1.43


(mm): 180 x 108 x 47 (in): 7.4 x 4.25 x 1.85

Play Time

8 hr/s

Speaker Power

40W, 4 ohm" or "40 watts, 4 ohms

Sound Like You've Never Heard Before

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